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Involving meself

2017-12-11 09:30:57 by MadNukin

Hello NG folks!

I'm a guy from a small town in an even smaller country. I like to code, it is truly my passion. I'm not good at it, but time will fix that for me.

I've noticed that I've been visiting this site for a year now, posting my prepubescent games, but not really getting involved with the community. Which is sad, because there are some really talentent hot bois and girls out here!

I just wanted to say hello, so HELLLO!



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2017-12-11 10:33:27

Hi! I've enjoyed all your games!

MadNukin responds:

Hello mr. Fulp!
I can't even start explaining how much influence your games have on me.
No pressure, but I just can't wait for 'Nightmare Cops'. Sorry I almost went full fan girl on you!


2017-12-11 11:50:18

hello. always good to have more active game developers in here

I really look forward to what you post next; I see tons of potential in everything you create here

(Updated ) MadNukin responds:

Hello Tyler, I'm happy you see potential in my junky games. It's crazy to think how much time I spend playing 'Sentry Knight' the first and the second one back when. And now I get to say hi to the man himself.