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I finally finished it here on NG.
I love the back stab levels, never fail to make me feel like a total dumbarse.
I almost shat my pants few times because of those orbs, I wish I get to murder them after I get my weapon, but no they disappear like the healthy heart I used to have before I played this game.
I love that the controls are unforgivable, reminds me of NES games. I never was sure if they made them that way to jerk off few hours from you or they just didn't know better.
Usually puzzle games have calm music, but not this puzzle. It tells you that shit will go down at the end of each level. Perfect soundtrack for this game.
I can't believe you guys made this for 6 days, it's mind blowing for me.
Great work boys.

josephbourgeois responds:

it means a lot coming from you. thanks!!!! glad you enjoyed the challenge 😸

I think I pulled a muscle, I hate it.

This game was more than fun, it really brought some good memories playing it.
It really felt like I was playing Blood Omen platformer.
The controls were fine, like any other good game you just need time to master them.
I found few bugs which is always fun to explore the world and test out it's limits.
Thank you for sharing this "too good for flash" game.

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Love it.

Loving your Cover/Remakes, first Gangplank Galleon and now Schala's Theme . You're really becoming my favorite musician on this site. Your original work is also amazing, especially fan of "Black Sands".
Really inspiring work mate, keep em coming.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks a lot MadNukin :)

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Brilliant looking robots. Obviously those are the police and they seem like enemy, I presume the protagonist is a criminal. Whatever it is, I can't wait to check it out. Good luck mate.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thanks man I'm glad to hear and now I really wanna swing hard on this. Really love your games btw!

Really eye grabbing style, my eyes are yours, sir.

I do games.

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